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Sunrise EMR

Improve outcomes and patient safety and reach digital maturity - all with an electronic medical record as unique as your organisation.

Sunrise Acute Care

Your clinicians make thousands of decisions each day. Sunrise™ Acute Care improves care delivery by incorporating advanced decision guidance, including Computerised Physician Order Entry (CPOE), note and flowsheet documentation, clinical summary views, and other key workflows. Our solution supports the full spectrum of health information for your patients, designed around a single, shared and integrated plan of care. It’s the support clinicians need to provide optimal care.

Sunrise Ambulatory Care (Outpatient)

Juggling the complexities of ongoing care is difficult for patients and clinicians alike. We simplify care coordination across every stage and setting of care with a continual patient record – so your clinicians are informed to make the best decisions. Sunrise Ambulatory Care tracks vital processes related to referrals, scheduling, current orders, medications, results and documents to help ensure patient safety at each handoff. Your clinicians keep the same user-friendly tools across outpatient and inpatient settings, rather than having to learn and operate multiple systems.

iPro Anesthesia

iPro Anesthesia is a comprehensive end-to-end mobile Anesthesia Information Management system (AIMS) designed by practicing anesthesiologists and ranked #1 anesthesia solution in Black Book and KLAS in 2019. It offers a single patient record from pre-op to PACU, providing anesthesia providers real time access to required clinical, billing and administrative information, and it supports fast, accurate clinical documentation.

Sunrise Laboratory

Sunrise Laboratory is a laboratory information system (LIS) that supports all laboratory business models, including hospital, reference or hybrid labs, as well as single-site or multi-facility labs. It automates the entire laboratory process, including order entry, specimen management, patient identification, analytic operations, information distribution, billing and business performance management.

Sunrise Pharmacy

Sunrise Pharmacy is a full-featured information system that helps hospital pharmacists have tighter control over the medication management process. It helps organisations improve quality and safety in the complex medication management process, provide for greater efficiency and productivity, and improve operational margins with smarter inventory control.

Sunrise Radiology

Sunrise Radiology provides users with a single patient repository for outcomes, quality and regulatory requirements. The solution enables providers to make point-of-care decisions from a single patient record. Further, total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced by eliminating additional hardware and databases as well as the need to maintain and build additional interfaces to use Sunrise Radiology.

Sunrise Clinical Performance Manager

Sunrise Clinical Performance Manager is a Business Intelligence (BI) solution that empowers healthcare organisations to mine clinical data and transform it into actionable information. The rules engines and advanced data visualisation and reporting tools provide access to the vast clinical data collected in the Sunrise EMR, enabling clients to drive operational and clinical transformation by improving clinical performance and patient outcomes and reducing costs. Dashboards provide healthcare leaders with powerful access to performance information to facilitate quality improvement across the enterprise.

Sunrise Emergency Care

In the dynamic emergency department environment, your clinicians require the right patient information, right away. Sunrise Emergency Care is a comprehensive emergency department information system proven to streamline care transitions and favourably impact clinical and financial outcomes. It supercharges the traditional tracking board with a powerful and intuitive interface, displaying order status at-a-glance, with fewer clicks necessary to access vital tasks and information.

Sunrise Mobile

Sunrise Mobile is a clinical application which links to the Allscripts EMR, providing workflows, patient data and the ability to perform actions all from a mobile device. The Sunrise Mobile app can be used on iOS, Android or Windows devices and uses the same user ID (via the Trust AD) to grant user access. Data available in the core EMR flows seamlessly to the mobile devices and vice-versa, making mobile working a genuine possibility for clinical staff. Users can update flowsheets (such as eOBSs), record the completion of tasks (including medication administration), review results and vital signs in dynamic graphical views and review all clinical documents recorded against the patient. Doctors and prescribers can also place diagnostic orders and prescribe medications, create and save notes to the patient’s record from the mobile app and read and send secure health messages.

Sunrise Oncology

Because cancer treatment is complex and evolving, your oncology clinicians need a robust solution built with their specialty in mind. Sunrise Oncology Care meets that need, designed to incorporate complex oncology protocols and safeguards. We enable your clinicians to leverage evidence-based treatment plans and roadmaps, clinical documentation, order sets, cancer staging and clinical decision support tools – to deliver a safe, powerful and paperless environment unique to oncology.

Sunrise Surgical Care

Sunrise Surgical Care brings the power of Allscripts into your operating room. It connects every point, from pre-operative planning, through the perioperative suite, to postoperative care and beyond. Real-time updates keep your entire clinical and operational team in the loop, while everything is tracked on a single, continuous patient record.

Sunrise Wound Care

Sunrise Wound Care gives your clinicians the tools to provide complete interdisciplinary wound assessment, treatment and care planning documentation in both inpatient and outpatient settings. The embedded image capture software, powered by TRUE-See™, further enables accurate wound care documentation and analysis.

Sunrise Patient Flow

Helps organisations manage their operational efficiency, identifying and mitigating patient flow problems before they happen—days, weeks or even months in advance. It also stabilises nurse-to-patient staff levels and helps organizations adjust as demand and mix change.


2bPrecise, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Allscripts, offers an EHR-agnostic, cloud-based platform that delivers actionable genomic information within the clinical workflow and patient context, while also making it available for research interests. The 2bPrecise data model futureproofs an organization’s investment because it’s built to accommodate new scientific discoveries and therapeutic applications. The platform enables organizations to get started with point-of-care genomics in the clinical area that makes most sense for them – e.g., pharmacogenomics, cardiology, oncology – and then scale across all practices at a pace and sequence that aligns with their priorities.

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