Encourage patients to manage their health care

The value of a personal health record, patient portal and connectivity of a health information exchange

FollowMyHealth Achieve

Engaging patients, enhancing and automating communications with care team

Patients themselves are among the most important “caregivers” in the healthcare system. They make decisions every day that impact their health and wellbeing, especially in regards to managing chronic conditions. Nevertheless, months may pass between face-to-face encounters with providers, and what happens outside the office ultimately has a much greater impact on patient health than what happens inside the office.

The challenge lies in how to connect with patients more consistently—to interact and stay connected in between visits to truly change behaviors that contribute to their condition.

Our Achieve solution leverages consumer wireless technologies and the FollowMyHealth™ patient engagement platform, allowing providers to engage patients directly in the ongoing management of their care. This enables providers to monitor the patient’s compliance with care plans and initiate interventions as needed to influence behavior and impact outcomes.

Patient benefits

FollowMyHealth Achieve: Closing the loop on effective care management for chronic conditions

  • Engages and empowers patients: Involving patients within the clinical workflow boosts engagement and personal investment in outcomes
  • Enhances compliance with care plans: Consumer-friendly—and consumer-preferred—wireless and online resources accelerate patient adoption and usage
  • Encourages behavior change: Frequent and remote “touch points” enable care team to influence lifestyle and behavior change—regular contact is only way to change life-long habits and reinforce new patterns

FollowMyHealth Achieve Patient Benefit Screenshot

Provider benefits

FollowMyHealth Achieve Provider Benefit Screenshot

FollowMyHealth Achieve: A transformative approach to population health management

  • Establishes the primary care provider as the “CEO” of a broader care team: Key to success in a PCMH and ACO environment
  • Delivers continuous insight into patient status—and facilitates timely and appropriate intervention: Improving individual patient wellbeing, and allowing providers to meet quality and population health management goals
  • Enables providers to optimize office-based encounters: Home-based, patient-driven care management lessens demand for face-to-face visits—providers can manage patient volume more efficiently


Automated Notifications

Care team automatically notified regarding noncompliance or if results exceed parameters

Manage Readings and Results

Wireless technologies capture readings and results at home, automatically populating information into EHR

Communicate Orders

Orders entered in the EHR and made available to patients at home through the FollowMyHealth patient portal

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