Building a Connected Healthcare Community with dbMotion

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dbMotion EHR Agent


Allscripts has the complete community record organizations are looking for. dbMotion EHR Agent allows healthcare organizations can truly connect and achieve a workflow that provides meaningful and actionable data.

Many health information exchange (HIE) solutions require their users to completely leave their typical workflow to search for additional patient information. That’s simply not effective in the demanding world of healthcare delivery. EHR Agent represents this dramatic shift in HIE workflow integration.

With EHR Agent, clinicians don’t need to search for patient information outside of their EHR—new clinical information comes directly to them. This solution resides as a miniature application on any clinical EHR workspace and constantly maintains patient and provider context through a CCOW Context Receiver or similar mechanism. When information not found in a clinician’s EHR shows up in the wider community record, EHR Agent alerts the user. The application also closes the data loop, allowing the user to pull specific data elements back into their native EHR.

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Create and Distribute a CCD

By simply selecting clinical data within EHR Agent and clicking a single button, EHR Agent generates a CCD that can be distributed to other systems and applications.

Delta View Toggle

EHR Agent users can choose to view the entire community record or simply the clinical data not already represented in their native EHR.

Real-Time Population Management

EHR Agent taps into the population health engine, which runs on all harmonized patient data from the connected community, to support chronic disease notification, care alerts and upcoming care plan tasks

Semantic Groupings

Clinical data is semantically organized within EHR Agent, allowing the user to expand or contract groupings as they see fit, making this workflow-empowering application even more user-friendly.


Delta View

dbMotion EHR Agent can display information that is not currently in the user’s EHR, the information from throughout the community they don’t already know.

Dig Deeper

EHR Agent provides a window into the longitudinal patient record right on top of the clinicians EHR.

Semantically Harmonized Data

EHR Agent employs the semantic grouping technology that has made dbMotion the leader in complex medical ontologies.

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