Building a Connected Healthcare Community with dbMotion

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dbMotion Collaborate


With dbMotion Collaborate, physicians can intuitively and securely monitor and manage the progress of their patients, their patient populations, and their events within their day-to-day workflow. Collaborate mimics the way physicians think. It organizes actionable patient information in the context defined and preferred by the physician while providing the ability to see the “big picture” and drill down into the smallest detail.

dbMotion Collaborate is also an effective on-ramp for physician practices transitioning to an EHR from paper-based medical records. This user-friendly, web-based application streamlines and accelerates functions for both physicians and office managers that, until now, have been cumbersome and time-consuming.

Payerpath Solutions

Communicate Results

Providers with or without an electronic health record can now have a single place to go to see "their" results. No more point-to-point interfaces to communicate with the outside world.

Manage Groups

In a single view, providers can see a "care snapshot" of their patients including encounters, clinical documents and results from imaging and lab procedures, even when they are not the ordering physician.

Manage Referrals

Providers can create referral notes, complete with clinical summaries, to track and collaborate on a patient’s care as a single care team

Population Health

Leverage dbMotion's semantic ontology to manage key chronic conditions.


Care Coordination

Gather information from multiple sources for presentation to physicians for care coordination assistance.

Custom Lists

Manage predefined populations such as Accountable Care Organization lists from payers.

Patient Lists

Filter and manipulate patient lists based on physician-specified criteria for encounters, clinical documents, imaging and labs for a single patient or for multiple patients.

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