Building a Connected Healthcare Community with dbMotion

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dbMotion Clinical Analytics Gateway

Normalized Longitudinal Record to Enable Analytics Strategies

Emerging care models such as Accountable Care and Patient-Centered Medical Home rely on clinical analytics. However, to effectively manage a population, clinical analytics must be built on top of harmonized data, aggregated from across the connected community. Now, the dbMotion Clinical Analytics Gateway allows healthcare professionals to create and implement broad-based analytic strategies.

With the dbMotion Clinical Analytics Gateway, analytics packages become far more powerful. Subsequent analysis based upon normalized clinical data can enable better population management and risk assessment. The dbMotion Clinical Analytics Gateway serves as a conduit for aggregated, harmonized clinical information—enabling analysis in ways that were not previously possible.

Payerpath Solutions

The dbMotion Solution, including the dbMotion Clinical Analytics Gateway, facilitates organization-wide analytics through three steps:



dbMotion aggregates clinical data from sources across the connected community including acute systems, ambulatory solutions and ancillary systems such as laboratory systems.


dbMotion’s Semantic Engine makes sense of the aggregated data by harmonizing it into a common language


dbMotion provides the normalized patient record to one or many analytic solutions

Improve Healthcare Effectiveness

The dbMotion Clinical Analytics Gateway opens opportunities for organizations to deploy broad-based analytic strategies of their choosing, allowing them to prepare for new payment models and improve healthcare effectiveness.

"dbMotion's Semantic Engine and Analytics Gateway enable effective information governance and accelerate time to deliver descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytic capabilities to clinicians."

Todd Christiansen, Partner, IBM Global Business Services

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